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Black Politics Today is the prolific political conscience of the African American community, and the heartbeat for “What’s At Stake” with public policy impacting the social, economic, and political affects on the African American community.

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“Classified Dangerous Abuses”

Monday, 2/19 at 7:00pm EST.

Description: When you think about the past week and the previous fifty-seven weeks since this Test Tube Baby took office, do you want to rip your robe like David? Are you so fed up, that you can’t stand to hear another thing that’s going on inside this administration? Do you want to throw every American who voted for and those who didn’t vote at all, into a huge room and pimp slap them all? Or maybe you’re like me, and you want to, ala Chris Rock, Shake the Sh__ out of every African American who sat on their asses and didn’t vote? Are you just as pissed, that over 40 staff members in the White House don’t have the proper security clearance to even work in the damn house, let alone see top secret documents? Does it bother you that every staff member in the White House, is white? How about, that they are all in the highest tax bracket and get the most from the tax bill? Every one of these facts should bother you to your core, if indeed you care about America and our political and economic future. Black America, this is our bus boycott. This is our Bloody Sunday! This is where we decide, to stand and fight, or do we sit and watch? My guest, Dr. Omekongo Dibinga and Rebekah Caruthers, break it all down for us.



“The Queen Of The City”

Monday, 11/6 at 7:00pm EST.

Description: On November 7th, after winning the Primary by 11points, history will be made in the Queen City of Cincinnati Ohio, where Councilmember Yvette Simpson can become the first African American woman to serve as Mayor in the cities 229yr history. A progressive new vision will move into the Midwest’s crown of glory. While in the nations capital, collusion looms large at 1600 with more crimes leading pass Russia’s doorstep, where not even the blood on the doorpost can stop the angel of death from stopping at the feet of Trump and his crooked cronies. Joining me tonight is Cincinnati City Councilwoman Yvette Simpson, Political Consultant, Rebekah Caruthers, along with Professor Omekongo Dibinga, and ANC Commissioner Greg Stewart, as they quibble over the Fake News.



“A Slow & Dirty Death”

Monday, 10/23 at 7:00pm EST.

Description: When a Commander in Chief lies about his conduct, everyone should hold that individual accountable. From Congress to the American people, they should hold that leader responsible for anything that happens on his watch. Unfortunately, Congress and that 27 percent don’t think so. As a result, hundreds of Americans have died because of his lack of leadership. The GOP has neglected to care for their constituents and other Americans across this country and it shows as the death toll increases with every tweet. Prof. Kelly Green and Political Consultant Rebekah Caruthers breaks it all down.