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Black Politics Today is the prolific political conscience of the African American community, and the heartbeat for “What’s At Stake” with public policy impacting the social, economic, and political affects on the African American community.

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“Crooked Trump & Criminal Arpaio”

Monday, 8/29 at 7:00pm EST.

Description:Criminal elements routinely are left to the seedy and derelict of society; the thugs and hoodlums. And yet, those same characteristics apply to the racist, bigoted thug who wore the uniform of law enforcement and held the position of Sheriff. Joe Arpaio, a vicious thug in uniform terrorize thousands of African American’s and Latino’s during his tenure as sheriff. Then karma hit, and Joe Arpaio was criminally convicted by a federal judge. That conviction was for thousands of people of color that were tortured by Joe Arpaio and his deputies. An even greater crime is that Crooked Trump pardon Criminal Arpaio subjugating the criminal process and advocating for a known criminal thug! Donald Trump has continued to disrespect the office of the presidency and believe that he is almighty God and can do no wrong. Well, Lucifer, let me remind you, there is only one God and He is the ultimate judge and jury. My guest tonight to help in the rule of law is BPT Contributor Rebekah Caruthers.



“Hate of The State”

Monday, 8/22 at 7:00pm EST.

Description:White Supremacy has existed for centuries in America. And so has racism. Charlottesville, Durham, Seattle, and other cities across the country became the racial fields for the Neo Nazi, White Nationalist and the Alt-Right movement for white hatred. These groups and their insecure leadership have found the acceptance by their de facto leader to be a bugle, to assemble and fight for white supremacy. That fight, the same fight waged in the 1800s, 1900s and now in 2017, will have a far different result than before. Today that fight comes with resistance and power to fight against the white controlled establishment. Today, that fight comes with more white American’s fighting along side Black America to ensure that the Constitution that white supremacist use to validate their racist existence will be the same weapon Black America uses to stop their progress. The Confederacy and it’s monuments is no longer hold it’s intimidating nature, because today, they are coming down. My guests, Dr. Karen Cox and Dr. Martha Bireda, join me to say…Welcome to America, white supremacist!