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Kelly Mikel Williams is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of Black Politics Today (BPT), the only online political Talk Show focused on the needs and welfare of African American. It is the primary source, highlighting “What’s at Stake,” for African Americans politically, economically, and socially across the country. The BLACK POLITICS TODAY website presents viewers and readers with a clear understanding of the affects that public policies can have on African Americans. It is the position of BPT that the more we know and understand the better equipped we become to effect the changes needed in your families and your communities. BLACK POLITICS TODAY features everyday people telling the story of everyday life, and how various policies have affected their lives.

Kelly Mikel Williams is a native Californian where he served as a Senior Political and Legislative Consultant to the infamous and renowned Willie L. Brown, Jr., whom at the time was the Speaker of the California State Legislature. As a young politico under Willie Brown’s tutelage Kelly Mikel became a political force in California politics. With his immediate success, Speaker Brown tagged Kelly for a number of crucial state elections. Moreover, each time, when all of the votes were counted, victory was guaranteed and Kelly Mikel catapulted onto the California political scene. In 1992 and 1996, two significant years for California politics, Kelly received additional responsibilities and delivered victories in both cases. Not only was he responsible for the local, state, and congressional candidates, but he was given the assignment to ensure a strong turnout for the Presidential elections as well. With the peace of confidence and the faith in his God, Kelly was able to accomplish the unthinkable, by winning every race under his jurisdiction and delivering President Clinton California’s 54 electoral votes. With that, Kelly was chosen to come to Washington, DC and work for President Clinton at the White House. In 1997, Kelly Mikel Williams arrived in the District of Columbia ready for work. He was initially assigned to the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), where he served as a Senior Consultant for the Agricultural Marketing Services (AMS). Kelly Mikel was instrumental in assisting the agency in the National Black Farmers case, and assisting minority farmers in participating in the agency’s $800 million school lunch, farmers market, and export marketing programs.

Shortly after arriving at USDA, Kelly Mikel was called to the White House where he was tapped to assist the administration in securing quality candidates to fulfill the vacant positions left by the first-term departures. To ensure that President Clinton’s policy agenda was put in place, key administration positions would need to be confirmed for the President to succeed. Kelly helped lead that charge and once again rose to the challenge and secured more than 100 crucial senior level nominees confirmations allowing the administration to continue establishing its policy goals for the country.

Prior to the completion of President Clinton’s second term, and extending into President George W. Bush’s first term, Kelly received an extended political appointment to serve an additional four years as the Secretary to the Board and Administrative Officer for the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), an Independent Federal Regulatory agency, which carried more than $99 billion in assets. During his tenure under President George W. Bush, Kelly Mikel Williams served at the Farm Credit Administration and was influential in securing additional financial lending programs for minority farmers and organizations. In addition, Kelly Mikel established and served as the Founder and Chapter President of Blacks In Government, an employee assistance organization,
for the agency.

After leaving the federal government, Kelly Mikel Williams has continued to hold a vision for opportunities for African Americans and has sought to educate them in the areas of public and
economic policies. He recently launched his website and national web show and BLIS.FM talk show called BLACK POLITICS TODAY to share with readers, viewers, and listeners the importance and the impact that public and economic policies are having on the African American community. Over the years, Kelly Mikel has interviewed the likes of Minority House Democratic Leader James Clyburn, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. John Lewis, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Charles Ogletree, fmr. Ambassador Suzan “SuJay” Johnson Cook and many others. In addition to being Founder and Creator of BLACK POLITICS TODAY, Kelly Mikel Williams currently serves in ministry in various capacities. He acknowledges that without God, he would not be where he is today.

Kelly Mikel Williams is the father of a son, and daughter and prides himself on becoming the best father anyone could ever have; he is a father, son, brother, uncle and mentor, but most
importantly, he is a child of God.