Investigation: Police Shootings

666 of the fatal shootings followed a wide range of violent crimes, including shootouts, stabbings, ...

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  • Sexy photo of Melania Trump used to call out Michelle Obama haters
    When it comes to politics things can get a little dirty.  On Sunday, the Facebook page “Proud Liberals” posted a meme of Melania Trump posing provocatively with a gun while wearing scant clothing and high boots. The meme puts Melania’s photo alongside one of Michelle Obama’s official White House portrait with the caption, “Here’s Melania Trump with gun, thong & boots. Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama’s arms?” –Condoleeza Rice makes NFL modelling debut (Courtesy Facebook) The image has been shared more than 50,000 times and has hundreds of comments.  Supporters of the meme say previous criticisms of Michelle Obama and acceptance of Melania Trump prove hypocrisy.… ... READ MORE
  • Danish lawmaker calls President Obama a ‘negro’
    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A senior Danish lawmaker who called President Barack Obama a “negro” says he won’t travel to the United States in September with fellow parliamentarians. The debate about Soeren Espersen’s description of Obama Wednesday took off after a legislator from the opposition Social Democrats tweeted an inaccurate English translation of his words. POTUS Announces Actions On Guns In His Most Emotional Speech Yet Jeppe Kofod of the opposition Social Democrats tweeted Espersen had used an even more offensive term for African-American. Espersen, of the populist Danish People’s Party, said Friday he decided not to go because he… ... READ MORE
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