13 Painful Facts About Alton Sterling’s Life (And Death)

A black man lost his life in a police killing on Tuesday. His name was ...

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  • White House attendees shout ‘4 More Years!!!’ as President Obama gives a speech
    President Obama had a celebration for Islamic holiday Eid al-Fitr at the White House. The first large celebration after the period of Ramadan, ended with a speech from President Obama. Upon his arrival, the crowd burst into chants of ‘4 more years!’ A witty President Obama quickly responded, “Michelle will not allow that.” President Obama confronts race issues during town hall discussion on ABC During his speech President Obama he asked for tolerance of Muslim Americans. He also went on to highlight communities’ achievements and contributions to the United States. He spoke directly to the young Muslim Americans stating,  “I especially want to speak ... READ MORE
  • Twitter goes crazy with #BeforeIVoteForTrump after Trump’s RNC speech
    Following the long-awaited speech from Donald Trump, Twitter listed a list of things that would happen #BeforeIVoteForTrump. Prince will sing me Purple Rain while I'm riding in a little red corvette #BeforeIVoteForTrump — Jacob Quinn (@DJQ405) July 22, 2016How Donald Trump’s convention speech claims measure up to the facts In what was the longest acceptance speech in history, Trump repeated his famously divisive commentary on illegal immigration and border control. Clearly, the Twitterverse has had enough. I'll let Casey Anthony babysit my kids. #BeforeIVoteForTrump — NUFF$AID (@nuffsaidNY) July 22, 2016 Derrick ... READ MORE
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