• Why We Don’t Need A White History Month

    “Because every month is white history month.” That’s usually the answer that comes to mind whenever someone asks why there is no white history month. It’s such a common response that it’s become something of a cliché, a line from a script on how to deal with tone-deaf questions about race.

  • Eric Holder Appeals To South Carolina Voters In New Hillary Clinton Ad

    The first official pro-Hillary Clinton ad in South Carolina is hitting airwaves this week, and it features former Attorney General Eric Holder making the case that Clinton is the best candidate to carry on President Barack Obama’s legacy.


Investigation: Police Shootings

666 of the fatal shootings followed a wide range of violent crimes, including shootouts, stabbings, ...

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  • White House hosts event celebrating black women and dance
    “Honey, things are heating up at the White House!” That’s how Debbie Allen described Monday’s Black History Month event, which is celebrating black women and dance. Allen brought along several young performers who performed personally for first lady Michelle Obama. Judith Jamison, the Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey, and other icons of dance Fatima Robinson and Virginia Johnson were also in attendance.   ... READ MORE
  • Gov. Rick Snyder the best thing you can do for Flint is resign — like today
    Now is the time for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to show himself the door — like today.  Because at this point, resignation is about the best scenario for Snyder and for the poisoned city of Flint. Contrary to what the governor has led the public to believe, there are new revelations that he knew a great deal about the Flint water crisis, and early on.  In fact, emails show that Snyder knew about the increase in cases of Legionnaires’ Disease and the link with the poisoned swill of the Flint River used for drinking water since March 2015.  There were… ... READ MORE
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