Donald Trump doesn’t speak for African Americans

Cleveland is a city deeply segregated and African Americans are disproportionately affected. The city is ...

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  • CNN panel breaks out in laughter after claims Trump isn’t racist
    As a Donald Trump surrogate denied Trump’s instances of racism and misogyny, over and over again, CNN host Don Lemon and his panel could not contain their mirth. After one exchange Lemon said, “people in the studio are even laughing.” It was Trump advocate Gina Loudon who was denying that Trump ever said anything racist. She was including the time Trump took out ads in a newspaper calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five who were eventually exonerated for rape. It was when guest panelist Symone Sanders began listing all the racist things Trump has said and ... READ MORE
  • Russell Simmons says Trump used racial slurs in front of him
    Russell Simmons, in an interview with Fortune magazine, talked about his 30-year relationship with Donald Trump. He said that he was able to be friends with people like Trump and Roger Ailes because “I can believe in them, I can like them,” despite their different political beliefs. That said, he still does not think Trump is a “suitable person for the presidency,” in part because of the racist and anti-Semitic comments he has made over the years. — Brandon Marshall loses endorsements because of anthem protest, Russell Simmons offers him a deal —  “People carry beliefs that are hurtful, none of us are ... READ MORE
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